As parents, we were frustrated and dissatisfied with the status quo of going into the clinic to get checked for strep. We imagined a world where we were empowered with a diagnostic that would confirm strep throat and allow us to receive a treatment plan from a virtual care provider. We couldn't find a solution so we're building it, the Checkable Medical Strep™ Platform.  

We are in the process of developing a test cassette and digital platform to diagnose and treat strep throat from home without having to go in and see a provider. 

We Believe in empowering parents to Check for strep at-home

Sick Kids

Every parent is familiar with the struggles that come when our kids come down with a sore throat and fever. We have two options, watchfully wait the symptoms out or pack the kids up and bring them into the provider to be checked for strep. 

Sore Throat

50 million people a year go into the doctor for the condition of a sore throat. It is the #1 reason parents bring their children into a provider and 75% of the time the visit is unnecessary because the symptoms are a viral infection.  

Status Quo

Since 1968 parents have been going to the doctor's office to diagnose strep throat. It's a massive economic and time burden on parents, providers and payers. 

Who we are

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Founder and CEO 

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Director of Regulatory Affairs

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Our Solution

Checkable Medical Strep™ Platform


Lateral Flow Cassette

Our test cassette is designed to be an easy-to-use consumer product. It is a lateral flow test featuring the same technology used in a pregnancy test. A parent or caregiver collects the sample with a swab, places the swab in the cassette, closes the cassette door to pop the reagent blisters and then the reagents flow down to the reader window. In a matter of minutes, a result appears.
The Checkable Medical Strep™ test is sold in sets of two, allowing for a retest in 24 hours, if the child's symptoms progress.  

Digital Platform

The digital platform serves multiple purposes for the consumer and the FDA. The function of the platform is to train and assess parents on how to take an accurate sample through the use of video and confirm the single use of a positive diagnosis for virtual care providers. With a positive diagnosis, the user will automatically be routed to a virtual care provider and pharmacy provider of their choice. If the test is negative, the platform will stay in touch with the user to check-in and ask if the symptoms have progressed, stayed the same or subsided. 


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